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Iva Jean knew what she was doing in the kitchen, especially when it came to fudge. There was love in every bite, you could taste it.

She made her delicious fudge for friends and family, she sold it at the Church Holiday Bazaar. She taught her daughters the careful art of candy making. She created lasting memories.


One of those studious candy apprentices, experienced cook and baker Debbie Hanks of Waxhaw, N.C., was inspired to keep this delicious tradition alive and launched Iva Jean's Fudge in 2015 to honor her namesake mother.

“She would be tickled to know her name, Iva Jean, will live on in a sweet way,” Debbie says of

her mother who passed in 1995 after a courageous battle with breast cancer. “I have felt her spirit in

every way since the conception of the business.”

While Iva Jean’s recipe is a closely guarded family secret, Debbie finds inspiration in exceptional ingredients and experimenting with different flavor profiles.


The small-batch, high-quality fudge is made with only the best ingredients, using organic and locally-sourced products whenever possible.


“I love to create new different flavors,” Debbie says. “Our customers love the fact that I can tell them where the inspiration or the ingredients come from.”

The sourcing and quality transparency pays off, especially when people take a bite of Iva Jean’s Fudge. “I love it when someone is sampling a flavor and stops speaking, but smiles,” she

says. “I know it is all-good and a thumbs up.”

Family is the foundation of Iva Jean’s Fudge and the inspiration for Debbie. The proud mother of three and grandmother of 8 says “Team Iva Jean” has been behind her since day one. “They share ideas and suggestions, it has definitely been a group effort,” Debbie says. “They are my biggest supporters. I couldn’t be more proud to call them all my kids. They are a true


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